Books By Stephenie Hollyman

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Dogon; Africa's People of the Cliffs

"In a remote area of Mali, West Africa, the people called Dogon survive today as they have for thousands of years: in mud-brick houses below the Bandiagara cliffs. In the sandy plains, they grow the millet and sorghum they need to live. This arresting photographic portrait allows us privileged access to their traditional way of life, remarkably maintained today even after extensive contact with Western civilization.

Stephenie Hollyman’s intimate pictures show a tightly knit, cooperative society engaging in daily activities and sacred rituals: planting and harvesting crops, creating crafts, and performing varied religious ceremonies, most notably the masked dances with which the Dogon celebrate the honored burial of their dead. Walter van Beek’s engaging narrative displays the authority and observant eye of an anthropologist who has long lived among the people he writes about. This astonishing volume will find a rapt audience among readers of Abrams’ acclaimed African Ceremonies and other popular books on vanishing African tribal customs. "

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We the Homeless, Portraits of America's Displaced People

"As the title suggests, We the Homeless, Portraits of America's Displaced People, encourages the reader to identify with the book's subjects, emphasizing that the fastest growing category of displaced people comprises " the ones we don't notice because they don't look very different from us." One homeless man says, " after being self supporting, then finding yourself being one of those street people you see everyday and kind of get a real tender are walking in their shoes."


Stephenie Hollyman's photographs succeed because they encourage the walk in those shoes. Most of the more than 150 black and white photographs  portray children, who constitute a third of the homeless population. Ms. Hollyman also depicts the inhabitants of New York City's welfare hotels; homeless Vietnam veterans in front of the Vietnam Memorial; families sleeping four to a mattress in a  shelter or living out of their cars; homeless Native Americans, and displaced elderly men and women. Most of the photographs have captions that describe the place and the people and often create striking and memorable narratives..."

The New York Times Book Review, Robin Lippincot, 1988

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McAllister Towing, 150 Years of Family Business

McAllister Towing is known throughout the shipping industry today as one of the world's most reliable and respected tugboat and marine transportation firms, towing barges, escorting ships, and providing docking services in twelve U.S. ports along the East Coast. 


In this book by Stephenie Hollyman,  the history of the five generations of McAllisters and their employees who have operated their tugboat businesses through every war and economic and social upheaval in U.S. history is told for the first time. McAllister's trusted name came the hard way. It was earned over the course of 150 years of a business continuously owned by generations of the same family. 


The account begins with company founder James McAllister, who arrived in New York City from a shipwreck and soon bought his first sail lighter in 1864. Working in New York Harbor, James steered his ships to success, hiring people he knew from his extended family and surrounding neighborhood in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Then James's oldest son, the swashbuckling Captain Jim, expanded McAllister into sugar and coffee shipping, salvage, and even treasure hunting. The business owners in each generation that followed found ways to keep McAllister growing or surviving in tough times while upholding and passing down the company values of grit and integrity. 


A Visitor's Guide to Photographing Yosemite


In her new eBook, photographer and author Stephenie Hollyman helps photographers to take the path less trampled in Yosemite Park.  Packed with tips and images from professional photographers , this insightful and entertaining eBook will help readers to find where to stand  in Yosemite to get the best photographs  and when to do so.