• Stephenie Hollyman

Upload your Yosemite Photos onto Flickr

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Today, with modern equipment, it’s easy to learn to use your camera and take

an acceptable photo of Yosemite. But something exceptional? It takes work.

Over 839,415 Yosemite photographs have been

uploaded on Flickr, the photo sharing site.

-Submit Your Photo to the Flickr Group for this book-

Let the world see what you have learned from this book, and

showcase your photos of Yosemite on the Flickr Group “A

Visitor's Guide to Photographing Yosemite” (


Each week the author, Stephenie Hollyman, will choose an outstanding photo from the group and post it on this book's blog, If we select your photo we’ll notify you via FlickrMail.

Questions? Email

Also, DO use the discussion boards in the Flickr group. Share

tips, locations and what you've learned from this book. Be

generous and kind!

Buy my new eBook, " A Visitor's Guide to Photographing Yosemite".  This eBook, A Visitor's Guide to Photographing Yosemite,  by Stephenie Hollyman, is a stepping stone to help you strike out on the path less trampled and to observe more fully as you photograph in Yosemite. Check out the video  ! 

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